Edinburgh which is the capital city of the state of Scotland has an urban as well as a rural area. The city council is located in urban area as well about 30 square miles of rural area is located in Edinburgh.

The city has the house of Scottish Parliament and was declared the Scottish Capital in 1437.

The city is known amongst scholars as the Athens of the North for the major contributions it has made to various academic disciplines. The city is a gem not merely intellectually but also for the rich historical treasure that it holds and is part of the list on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Both the old and new towns of Edinburgh have monuments dating back centuries and have been re shaped by history. The city is inhabited by more than four and a half million people. There are plenty of reasons for Edinburgh’s popularity including the 4500 historical buildings and the Edinburgh festival that happens every year.

The event comprises of the biggest festival of performing arts of the world called the Edinburgh Fringe as well as the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh International Book Festival. The city is visited by more than 13 million people per annum.

The most famous tourist destination is the center of the city which is historic and beautiful. The center is divided by broad green swath of Princes Street Gardens into two parts and is a delight for tourists. This is by far the most pleasant site in Edinburgh.

On one hand lies the majestic Castle of Edinburgh and on the other the New Town. The Castle is situated in the Old town and lies on the top of a volcanic crag.

The Princes Street Gardens were inaugurated in the early 19th century at the site of the former Nor Loch.