The city of Glasgow ranks first with respect to size among all the cities in Scotland and also ranks third with respect to the level of population in the United Kingdom. The official and full name of Glasgow is the City of Glasgow. Besides being third in the United Kingdom, it is the city with the most population among the thirty two areas of Scotland. The city is positioned on the west central lowlands of the country and is on the River Clyde. The people of Glasgow are known as Glaswegian. The local dialect is also called the same name. Glasgow covers an area of around sixty eight square miles and is home to 2.3 million people.

Glasgow owes it growth to two factors; the University of Glasgow, which came later, and the medieval Bishopric of Glasgow, which came first. The University of Glasgow also made a considerable contribution to the Scottish Enlightenment. It was from the eighteenth century onwards that the city became one of the main centers of trade in Europe with the United States of America. When the Industrial Revolution began the surrounding areas and the city itself turned into very important and well known hubs of shipbuilding and engineering. These industries were responsible for creating a number of very famous and innovative vessels. Glasgow ranks among the top twenty financial centers of Europe and there are also a number of leading businesses of Scotland which are situated in the city.

The weather of Glasgow is not the same as the weather in other areas of Scotland. The reason for this is that Gulf Stream keeps the area warm and the Clyde Valley which surrounds the city keeps it humid all year round. As compared to the temperatures in other areas of Scotland, the temperature in Glasgow is milder.