The city of Liverpool was called Lerpoole in Old English. The city and the metropolitan district are located in Merseyside which is a county in the country of England. Liverpool is on the east of the Mersey Estuary. The people of Liverpool are officially known as Liverpudlians, but they are also called by their unofficial name of Scousers. This name comes from the word scouse, which is a kind of stew made locally. The word scouse has also become the synonym for the dialect and accent exclusive to those people who hail from Liverpool. It was in the year 2007 that the city celebrated eight hundred years of its existence. In the year 2008 it will have the honor of holding the title of European Capital of Culture along with the city of Stavanger in the country of Norway.

After the Second World War, the economy of Liverpool suffered a long period of decline. But it has now started to recover from that low period. The GVA has begun to grow per head, but even then the city of Liverpool is categorized as being a poor country. Of the people who are above the age of sixty five, thirty percent do not have access to central heating in their homes.

There has been considerable growth in both the private sector as well as the public sector, and this trend has been seen in most of the cities in the United Kingdom. The communication requirements of the city are more than fulfilled by the activities carried out on the port.

A major portion of the economy is based on tourism. This will further increase when Liverpool is given the title of European Capital of Culture in the year 2008. Because of this there has been a considerable increase in the cumber of clubs, hotels, and restaurants. Tourists as well as film makers usually come to Liverpool for its buildings.