London is the capital city of the United Kingdom which is formed by the Union of four countries and various overseas dominions and federations. It is also the capital city of England and is the site of the House of Commons as well as the Prime minister’s residence.

This is the largest city of the United Kingdom and has a population of over seventy five hundred thousand people. This is also the most populated municipality of the entire England and has a cosmopolitan area called the Greater London with a total population of 8,278,251. The other area called the Metropolitan area which is also included in the urban city has a population of more than twelve million.

London is a true blend of various cultures and ethnicities and has various people in various parts. The sheer number and types of people inhabiting the city is a delight for tourists and there are more than 300 languages spoken by the people inhabiting London city.

The city is multi cultural as well the economic capital of the state. The city of London has everything from historic monuments to modern day wonders and is not only the center of economy but also of arts, politics, fashion and entertainment.

The city is counted in the list of the business capitals of the globe and is influential on the stock market.

This city has been destroyed and re built many times and has seen both war and disease. The London city was a Roman invention and has been the center of attention for centuries.

Many famous wars and revolutions have been fought on the soil of the city including the Gothic Revival, the English Renaissance as well as the Industrial Revolution.

The most prominent landmarks of London city are the Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, The Palace of Westminster, St. Margaret’s Church and the Royal Botanic Gardens.