The city of Oxford and the Oxford shire county town are situated in the south east part of England. The city covers an area of around forty six square kilometers and is home to 134248 people. The River Thames passes through the city but is known by the name Isis for a distance of sixteen miles.

The University of Oxford is situated in Oxford. This is the oldest university in the parts of the world where English is spoken as the main language, as it was established in the year 1249. The buildings in the city have been made on the architectural style which has been the style of the buildings since the time the Saxons came to the city. Matthew Arnold, a poet, has give Oxford the name the city of dreaming spires. This name reflects the musical structure of the university buildings in Oxford. The Carfax Tower is considered to be the centre of the city of Oxford.

The climate of Oxford is classified as being a Maritime Temperate climate. The level of precipitation is uniform all year round and is affected by the Atlantic Ocean. It was during the heat wave of Europe in the year 2003 that the highest temperature of ninety six degrees Fahrenheit was recorded. The lowest temperature ever was a temperature of two degrees Fahrenheit which was recorded in the month of January of the year 1982. The climate all over the world has been experiencing significant changes nowadays, and because of that the temperatures in Oxford are increasing and the level of precipitation in winter is rising but decreasing in the summer season.

The major sectors of economy in Oxford are car making and brewing. Cars are being made in Oxford for a long time. The BMW MINI is produced in Oxford these days.