Italians who made it


Italians are probably best known for their cuisine, and for a good reason. Pasta and tortellini are among the favorite dishes of people from all around the world. As a country that boasts some of the best recipes, they have a large number of renowned chefs. Here is a list of the three most successful chefs in Italy.

Massimo Bottura

Bottura has been named the king of chefs, and his restaurant – Osteria Francescana – is considered to be one of the best places to eat in the whole of Italy. Apart from being a really good cook with years of experience, he also works hard to deliver the best possible experience to his guests. His food is a combination of traditional and unfamiliar ingredients. As a result, the flavors are at the same time surprising and capable of evoking familiar sensations. His philosophy is to use cooking as a way to view the world from a different perspective, as well as bringing the past into the future of cuisine.

Giovanni Rana

Italy is best known for the wide range of pastas it can offer. This is why every Italian chef needs to be an expert in making dishes that are based on such ingredients. But when it comes to this, no one can compare to Giovanni Rana, the chef who has devoted his entire life to perfecting the process of making pasta. To describe his expertise, some even say he was born with a tortellino in his hand. He is also the one responsible for the development of the machinery that is used in production of all kinds of pasta. His restaurant – the Giovanni Rana Restaurant – is one of the top places to eat in London. He also own the Giovanni Rana Pastificio Cucina in New York.

Alessandro Borghese

Borghese has twenty years of experience in gastronomy and is one of the emerging stars of the Italian cuisine. His recipes are characterized by both quality and creativity. He is known internationally for his success in experimenting with all kinds of ingredients, including both traditional and those that are generally unfamiliar. Some of his best recipes include Gnocchi alla Bottarga and Il mare nel piatto.