North America

The continent of North America is situated in the northern hemisphere, and partly in the western hemisphere of the earth. The continent is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the North Pacific Ocean on the north, the east, the south east, and on the west and the south respectively. The continent of South America is positioned due south east of North America. North America covers an area of around 9540000 square miles. This means that it takes around 16.5 percent of the total land area of the world, or 4.8 percent of the total surface of the planet. It is home to more than five hundred and twenty four people. With respect to area, it ranks third among all the other continents of the world. It comes after Asia and Africa. And with respect to population, it ranks fourth, and comes following Asia, Africa, and Europe. The collective name of the continents of South America and North America is the Americas.

Both the continents of North and South America are believed to be named after Amerigo Vespucci, who was an Italian explorer. This name is thought to be given by Martin Waldseemuller, who was a German cartographer.

North America is connected by land only to South America. This connection is at the border of Colombia and Panama, or the Panama Canal. The region was under water before the Central American cape was raised.

Most of the continent lies on the North American Plate. The southern parts of the continent as well as most of the West Indies are situated on the Caribbean Plate. There are four regions into which the continent is divided. And each region is subsequently divided into numerous sub regions.

The languages which are mostly spoken here are French, Spanish, and English. This continent is also home to the United States and Canada, which are the most developed and the wealthiest nations of the continent.