Canada is one of the countrues that extends in between two Oceans. The county is located on the Continent of North America and extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. To the north side it extends to the Arctic Ocean. The area of Canada makes it the second largest country in terms of occupation of land. Canada borders with the United States of America by land in the direction of south as well as northwest. The initial inhabitants of the country were Aborginese people and they dwelled in the region for several millenia. The advent of the 15th century led to french and British excursions which resulted in the discovery of the land now known as Canada. Many settlements were estanlished by the French exlporers by the later half of th fifteenth century and it formed several colonies in the continent of North America. Canada came into being after unison of four provinces in the year 1867 as a federal dominion. The country today exists as a parliamentary democracy and is consititued of three territories as well as 10 provinces. The state is also a consitutional monarchy headed by the Queen of England Queen Elizabeth the second. The state has two languages the French as well as English as the official state languages and has developed into a fantasticly progressive dominion since the time of its establishment. The stata has many industries and is technologically and educationally very sound. The economy of the state is also dependent on many natural resources that are part of the major exports of Canada. The total area occupied by the Federation of Canada is approxiamtely 9,984,670 km² or 3,854,085 sq miles. The total population of the country is 33,281,000 as estimated for the year 2008. The name of the state comes from the Iroquoian word Kanata which means a settlement or village.