The city of Toronto is one of the cities of Canada. The city has the status of being the provincial capital of Ontario as well as being the largest city of the country. Toronto is situated on the north western shoreline of the Lake Ontario. The city of Toronto is home to more than two million people. As per these figures, the city ranks fifth with respect to the level of population among all the municipalities of the continent of North America. The region situated in the south central part of Ontario is known as the Golden Horseshoe. This region is a home to more than eight million people, and it is in this region where the Greater Toronto Area is situated. The city of Toronto is located at the center of this area. The population of the Greater Toronto Area is more than five million five hundred and fifty five thousand, and the population of the census metropolitan area is more than five million one hundred and thirteen thousand people. These figures have been collected by the Census Bureau in the year 2006.

The city of Toronto is considered to be a global city because of the fact that it is the economic capital of Canada. It also has the status of being listed among the top financial cities of the world. The major economic sectors of the city are publishing, telecommunications, transportation, television production, arts, aerospace, media, film, software production, sports, education, medical research, and tourism industries. The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges of the world, and ranks seventh among all the stock exchanges. It is situated in the city, along with a large number of Canadian companies.

The population of Toronto is both international as well as cosmopolitan. This is because it is a major destination for immigrants. The population is highly diverse.