The city of Vancouver is one of the cities of Canada. It is located in the south western part of British Columbia in the Lower Mainland, and has the status of being both a major seaport as well as being a coastal city. Vancouver is surrounded by the Fraser River, the Strait of Georgia, and the Coast Mountains. The name of the city comes from the name of a British Explorer, Captain George Vancouver.

According to estimates calculated in the year 2007, city of Vancouver was home to more than six hundred and eleven thousand people, and the Metro Vancouver region was home to more than two million two hundred and forty nine thousand people. As per these figures, the metropolitan area of Vancouver ranks first among all the metropolitan areas of Western Canada, and ranks thirds among all the metropolitan areas of the country, with respect to the level of population. The population of the city of Vancouver is very diverse ethnically. Around fifty two percent of the people who love in the city, and around forty three percent of the people who live in the metropolitan area, have a language other than English as their first language. The number of people living in the city is expected to grow at a rate of four hundred and fifty thousand people over the next ten years to reach three million by the year 2021. The top three cities of the world with respect to the level of population density are New York City, San Francisco, and Mexico City. The city of Vancouver comes fourth.

It was in the 1860s when immigrants first started coming to the city due to the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush. Most of the immigrants came from the United States of America, but a majority of them did not stay in the city after the rush ended.