The city of Birmingham is located in the state of Alabama and is the largest city of the state. It forms the county seat of Jefferson County as well as containing some part of Shelby County. The city covers an area of around one hundred and fifty two square miles and is home to more than two hundred thousand people. The Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area is home to 1108210 people. Besides being the largest city of the state of Alabama, Birmingham is also the largest city of the area known colloquially as Greater Birmingham, and officially as the Birmingham-Hoover-Cullman Combined Statistical Area. Around twenty five percent of the total population of Alabama lives here in this area.

It was in the year 1871 that the city was Birmingham was founded, immediately after the United States Civil War. It was formed as an industrial enterprise and named after a major industrial city of England by the same name. Living up to its namesake, Birmingham was the main industrial hub of the southern part of the United States of America, and this status remained until the middle of the twentieth century. Because of the amazing speed at which the city was growing, it was given the nicknames The Pittsburgh of the South, and The Magic City. The major industries of Birmingham are the production of steel and iron, and this is similar to Pittsburgh which is situated in the north.

As time progressed the economy of Birmingham branched out. The manufacturing industry is still strongly centered here as it ever was, but other industries have begun to grow substantially as well such as publishing, insurance, banking, medicine, and biotechnology. The per capita income has been increasing at a significant rate and this has given the city the status of being ranked among the top cities of the United States of America with respect to income growth.