The consolidated city and borough of Anchorage is situated in Alaska which is one of the states of the United States of America. The official name of Anchorage is the Municipality of Anchorage. 282813 people live in the municipal area and 359180 people live in the Metropolitan Statistical Area. More than two fifths of the total population of Alaska lives here in Anchorage, which also has the status of being the largest city of Alaska with an area of more than five thousand square kilometers.

It is in the south central part of Alaska where Anchorage is situated. It is positioned at a little distance away from St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Oslo. The exact position is due north east from the Cook Inlet, the Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula, due north west from the Alaska Panhandle and the William Sound, north from the Kenai Peninsula and south from Mount Denali, which is also called Mount McKinley.

The climate of Alaska is classified as being a Sub artic Climate. This is because of the summers which are cool and short. The average summer temperature during the day time ranges between fifty five to seventy eight degrees Fahrenheit. The average winter temperature during the day time ranges between five to thirty degrees Fahrenheit. The season in which there is no frost and things can grow lasts for a little more than one hundred days. The weather in the summer season is usually mild but when compared to other regions in the interior of Alaska and regions in the United States of America, it is cool. There is frequent rainfall as well, with the average annual precipitation being four hundred and eight millimeters.

More than ninety five percent of the combined freight which enters Alaska comes to Anchorage as it is a major port. It is also the centre of the Alaska Railroad.