The state of Arkansas is located in the southern part of the United States of America and is one of the states of the country. Its border its share with six other states and the extent of the eastern border is defined by the Mississippi River. The landscape of the state of Arkansas is dotted with the mountainous regions of the Ouachita Mountains and the Ozarks, as well as the lowlands which lie on the east along the Mississippi River. The Ozarks and the Ouachita Mountains together form the United States Interior Highlands. Little Rock is situated in the central part of the state of Arkansas, and is the capital of the state. It also has the status of being the city with the highest population in Arkansas. The name of the State of Kansas and the state of Arkansas come from the same root.

In the eastern part of the state it is the Mississippi River which forms the border. But in the Greene and Clay counties it is the St. Francis River which forms the boundary in the west. The southern border of Arkansas is shared between Louisiana, while the northern border, the eastern border, and the western border are shared between Arkansas and Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi, and with Texas and Oklahoma respectively.

There are a lot of lush forests, mountains, fertile plains, and valleys in the state of Arkansas. The regions of the Grand Prairie and the Delta form the Lowlands. Because of repeated flooding if the Mississippi River, there is rich alluvial soil in the Arkansas Delta.

The climate of Arkansas is classified as being a Humid Subtropical Climate, and partly Humid Continental. The Gulf of Mexico is close enough to the state to influence the weather to a major extent. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are mild and slightly dry.