Little Rock

The city of Little Rock is situated in the state of Arkansas which is one of the states of the United States of America. It is the capital of Arkansas and has the status of being the county seat of Pulaski County and the most populated city of all the cities of Arkansas. The city covers an area of around three hundred and three square kilometers and is home to 666401 people in the Metropolitan Area and 184486 people in the city proper.

The name of the city, Little Rock, comes from a rock formation which is small in size. It is located on the southern bank of the Arkansas River, and is called the “the little rock”, or La Petite Roche. This rock was used in early times by the river traffic as a landmark, and subsequently became a popular river crossing.

The climate of Little Rock is classified as being a Humid Subtropical Climate. The weather in the summer season is hot and humid, while the weather in the winter season is cool and even chilly at times.

There are a number of major corporations which are located in the city, including Acxiom, Windstream Communications, Dillard’s Departmental Stores, and Alltel. Besides that there are numerous non profit organizations which have their headquarters here. These include Heifer International, The Nature Conservancy, the William J. Clinton Foundation, and Winrock International.

The port of Little Rock has a huge industrial business complex. This port has been given the designation of Foreign Trade Zone 14. The city is a very good place for business, and this feature was also told about in a 2005 edition of Forbes Magazine. The economy of Little Rock is very diverse. It has branched out to industries such as automobile manufacturing, banking, and education. The two major universities of the city are the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.