Sacramento spreads over an area of 99.2 sq mi or 257.0 km² with 98% of the area occupied by water and just 1% of land measuring up to 5.4 km². It is the capital city of the state of California which is the most populous and booming state of the United States of America. The city of Sacramento is located along the River of Sacramento in the richest valley of the entire of US called the Central Valley. Because of the location the city provides with the most agricultural reap of the entire state. This city with a total population of 467,343 ranks on number seven amongst the cities of California in terms of residents. The city leads the union of four counties called El Dorado, Yolo, Sacramento and Placer. All these metropolitan counties are economic giants and the city of Sacramento leads them all in terms of culture and finance. The metropolitan county leads those of the central valley and ranks on number four amongst the Californian counties preceded by Greater Los Angeles Area, San Diego area and the San Francisco Bay Area. The city of Sacramento is considered by many reports and magazine surveys as the most integrated city in the United States of America and is reported as an excellent residential option.

John Sutter who was originally a Swiss immigrant helped build the city of California inside Sutter’s Fort. In the middle of the nineteenth century with the advent of California Gold Rush the city emerged as the major agricultural and commercial entity amongst all other cities of California.

Sac, River City, Sacto, SacTown and The Capitol are the few other names by which Sacramento is referred to by the natives.

Sacramento holds the honor of establishment of the First Transcontinental Railroad during the California Gold Rush and was a center of telegraphs and other mediums of communication and transport.