San Francisco

Also called as the city by the bay or San Fran it is located in the State of California. It ranks on number four amongst California’s most populous cities and number 14th amongst those of the entire US. The total population of the city is around 764,976. It is included in the larger San Francisco Bay Area which in turn is inhabited by 7.2 million people. The location of the city is towards the tip of the Peninsula of San Francisco and the famous Golden Bridge lies to the north of the present day San Francisco. It is surrounded in the West by the Pacific Ocean and towards the East of the city lies the San Francisco Bay, which the city is named after. This city was conquered by the Spaniards in the year 1776 when they built a fort at the present day Golden Gate. When the era of the Spanish passed the city continued progressing and plunged far and wide with the advent of the California Gold Rush in the year 1848. The city grew dramatically and became a stable economy. After an era of glory San Francisco was struck with natural calamities but the momentum was restored quickly and there was no long lasting damage to the boom. The city is extremely popular amongst tourists for the many landmarks as well as monuments that are dispersed throughout the city of San Francisco.

The famous places in the city include Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Alcatraz Island, Victorian architecture and Coit Tower. The climate and atmosphere of the region is mixed and provides a distinct blend of many cultures.

The city is home to many software houses and was one of the most affected ones during the dot com boom. The city has grown and developed because of establishment of many technological centers in the town that contribute a great deal to the city’s economic gains.