The state of Colorado spreads on an area of 269,837 km² or 104,185 sq mi and is on number eight amongst the states of the USA in terms of area occupied. The capital city of the state is Denver which also happens to be the largest city of the state. In terms of population the state of Colorado ranks on number twenty two amongst all the states of USA and is growing larger each day. The total population is approximately 4,301,261. The state is situated on the Rocky Mountain Region. It is considered to be a Southwestern as well as a western region of the United States of America. The inhabitants of the state are called as Coloradans. The climate of the region can be termed as continental and is pleasurable for tourists. The city of Denver which is now the capital city of the state of Colorado was founded in 1858 in the month of November. The city was inhabited around mines and was of interest in those times to the gold diggers. Thus the early settlements were condensed in that area only. Later the settlement was mover to the current location of the city. The Colorado state came into being on the 28th of February in the year 1861. later in that year the County of Arapahoe was formed and also the city of Denver was laid on the map. The city of Denver was crowned as the capital in the year 1865 and has remained one ever since. The new short name of the Denver City was just Denver and the state of Colorado was accepted in the Union in the year 1876. Colorado is famous for the diverse geography and climate that it offers along with its cultural epitome in the form of the capital city of Denver.

The economy of the state relies on industries, mining and agriculture and it is considered a significant contributor amongst the states of USA.