The City and County of Denver is not only the capital city of the state of Colorado but also its largest as well as most populated city. The location of the city can be defined by its close approximation with the South Platte River valley. It is situated on the tall plains of the Rocky Mountains towards the South.

The downtown area of the Denver city is located towards east when compared to the confluence of the Cherry Creek. The city is called Mile-High City as it is situated geographically at an altitude of exactly 1 mile above the sea level. The estimated population of Denver is 588,349 making it rank on number twenty six amongst the most populous of US states.

The metropolitan area of Denver itself comes on number 17 amongst the most populous US states.

The city is the cultural epitome of the state of Denver and is known for its festive climate and activities. Denver also comprises of many sights which are of interest to the tourists and they form the foundation of its popularity.

The city is the most expanded business center of the region and has many industries and executive centers. The city has many entertainment arenas for the people and offers a fine variety of cuisines and dining experiences along with the site seeing.

The business arena of the city ranks on number ten amongst all those of the United States. The economy of the state depends mainly on its capital city and thus it is the backbone of the financial scenario of the State of Colorado. Denver is a beautiful city with the water and land equally enigmatic and the best part of the city is its location. It is an amazing city to dwell in and to visit as a tourist and captures ones attention by the beautiful mountain terrains that form the surrounding parts of the city.