Connecticut is one of the states of the United States of America and is situated in the north east of the country and in the region of New England. There are certain parts of the state of Connecticut which are taken to be a part of the metropolitan area of New York. There are more than three million people living in Connecticut which makes the state rank twenty ninth among all the other states of the United States of America. It also has the status of being ranked forty eighth with respect to the size of the area. When both the level of population and the land area are taken into consideration the population density of the state makes it rank fourth. The history of Connecticut starts from the early colonial period. This state played a major part in influencing the development of the American Government and has been given the nickname the “Constitutional State”.

The climate of Connecticut can be classified as being a temperate climate. This is due to the long length of the coastline which is situated on the Long Island South. Another effect which the coastline has on the state is that a passionate maritime tradition has been developed. This maritime tradition and the wealth of modern day Connecticut has made the city very well known.

The economy of the state was driven by a well established manufacturing industry, which was developed because of the easy access to raw materials in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries. The financial sector of the economy began to develop in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This initially happened through insurance companies and then by hedge funds. Because of the strong economy of the state, the people have the highest per capita income when compared to other states in the country, as well as the highest median household income.