Hartford is one of the cities of the state of Connecticut and it also has the status of being its capital. It is positioned due north of the middle of the state and at a distance of twenty four miles from Springfield, which is a city in the state of Massachusetts and is its sister city. Hartford is situated on the Connecticut River which is itself in Hartford County. According to the figures collected in the year 2006, the population of Hartford was 124512. This makes it rank as the third largest city of the state of Connecticut. It only comes after New Haven and Bridgeport, Bridgeport being the largest. The area called Greater Hartford has a population of 1188841 in the metropolitan area, which also makes it the largest metropolitan area in the state of Connecticut, as well as making it rank forty fifth among all the other areas in the country.

There are a number of different insurance companies which have their headquarters in Hartford. This has given the city the moniker “the insurance capital of the world”. It has also made insurance the major industry of the region.

Other things which Hartford has a lot of are parks as well as gardens. The oldest public rose garden of the country, Elizabeth Park, is situated in Hartford. Other famous parks of the city are Riverside, Colt, Keney, Bushnell, Goodwin, Pope, and Rocky Ridge Parks.

The climate of Hartford is classified as being a Humid Continental Climate. The weather in the summer season is usually muggy and hot. On the other hand the weather in the winter season is usually cold and there is often snowfall as well. The precipitation is divided equally throughout the year and amounts to an average of forty four inches annually. Hartford has also been a victim of hurricanes and tropical storms. But this does not haven frequently and is very rare.