Delaware is one of the states of the United States of America and is situated in the Mid Atlantic region of the country and on the Atlantic Coast. The name of the state comes from the Delaware River and Bay. They were named after Thomas West, who was a 3rd Baron De La Warr. According to the figures collected in the year 2005, Delaware was home to 843524 people. When both the area and the population level of the state are taken into consideration, Delaware ranks seventh among all the other states of the United States of America with respect to population density. The population density of Delaware is more than other states such as California, Florida, and Texas. With respect to the level of population, it ranks forty fifth among all the other states. The population is low because Delaware does not have a large area.

The state of Delaware covers a length of ninety six miles and has an area of 1954 square miles. This makes it the second smallest state of the United States of America and only comes after Rhode Island. The state is surrounded by Pennsylvania in the north, the Delaware River, New Jersey, the Delaware Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and by Maryland in the south and the west. There are certain minor parts of the state which are located on the estuary of the Delaware River on the eastern and the far side. New Jersey shares land boundaries with these small parts.

The landscape of Delaware is covered with plains. The place with the highest elevation is situated at Ebright Azimuth, which is near Concord High School. And even this point does not rise to four hundred and fifty feet above sea level. As a result of this topography, the climate is affected to a major extent by the ocean.