Wilmington is one of the cities of the state of Delaware and has the status of being the largest city of the state. It is located at the point where the Brandywine Creek and the Christina River meet. This is near to where the Delaware River receives the waters of the Christina River. Wilmington has the status of being the county seat of the New Castle County as well as being a major city of the metropolitan area of the Delaware Valley. The city was named after Spencer Compton, who was the Earl of Wilmington. He was the prime minister of Great Britain when it was under the rule of George II. This name was given by Proprietor Thomas Penn. As per the figures collected in the year 2006, the population of the city was 72876.

Wilmington covers an area of around seventeen square miles. Out of this eleven square miles is covered by land and the remaining area is covered by water. The city of Wilmington is located at a distance of twenty five miles due south west of the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania.

The major part of the economy of Wilmington depends on the status of Wilmington as the city of the state of Delaware which has the most population and is very easily accessed. This has made the city attractive to the businesses that are looking for finance laws which are beneficial to business, as well as those businesses who want a judicial system which is effective as well as fair.

The credit card industry has found its national hub in the city of Wilmington. This has come about due to the efforts and the regulations put into effect by Pierre S. du Pont IV, who was the Governor in the year 1981. The other major industries of Wilmington include insurance, retail banking, and legal services.