It is one of the member states of the United States of America and is ranked on number four amongst the most populated US states. The total number of inhabitants of Florida is approximately 15,982,378 and the total area covered by the state is 65,795 sq miles. It is considered to be located in the Southeastern part of the United States of America. The state mostly comprises of water and is part of the peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean lying towards its east and the Gulf of Mexico in the west. The state has the most amazing sunny beaches and the inhabitants indulge in the tropical climate all year round. The state was called Florida by a Spanish man who stepped on the state during Pascua Florida which is another term for the season of Easter and can be translated to Flowery Easter. The legendary man was named Juan Ponce de León. The state was named in the year 1513 on the 2nd of April. The inhabitation of the land as discovered and proved by archeological excursions dates backs to thousands of years and has changed many faces since then. The various casts that have dwelled in the land before the advent of Europeans include the Calusa, the Apalachee, Tocobago tribes, Ais and the Timucua tribes. The name of the region itself is more than 6 centuries old exhibiting the rich heritage and history of the sate of Florida. The state was called by several names other than La Florida and during the 17th century it was based on the Tequesta tribe and it was called Tegesta. The land was conquered and inhabited first by Spaniards and later on the French and was a colony of both countries. In the middle of the 16th century a Spanish Pensacola came into being and this was the first and foremost settlement of European off shore in this region.