Jacksonville is the most populous and widely spread city in the entire of Florida with a population of approximately 794,555 people. The city is also the Duval County’s seat and one of the most visited cities of the region. The total area occupied by Jacksonville is 885 sq mi of which 86% is land and the rest is water. The total percentage of land that it occupies measures 1,962.4 km² and the water area is about 116.6 sq mi. the city was initially preceded by Oklahoma City initially but after and inclusion of surrounding land it became the largest city in the state. The event took place in the year 1968. The city lies at an altitude of 5miles above sea level and today includes almost the entire county within its governance parameters. The city ranks on number four amongst the largest cities of the United States of America in terms of land occupied and on number twelve in terms of population. The total population of the Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan is approximately 1,300,823 of which Jacksonville forms a large part. The city forms the prime coast of the state in the northeastern side and lies at a distance of 25 miles from the neighboring city of Georgia towards South. The city of Jacksonville rests on the banks of the River of St. Johns. The current settlement of Jacksonville dates back to the late eighteenth century and has been developed ever since into its present form. It was first known as Cowford because of its location that permitted cross over by cattle at the narrowest point of the river. It was then renamed after the first military Governor of the State of Florida called Andrew Jackson. This change took place in the year 1822 and it has been known as Jacksonville since that year. The history of the city is around a hundred years only and it is one of Florida’s newly inhabited regions.