Miami which has many pronunciations is the most eminent tourist destination situated in the southeastern coast of Florida. With sunshine all year round and warm winters it is a paradise for beach lovers and thus a popular tourist resort for people within and outside the United States of America. It spreads on an area of 55.27 sq miles with just 19.59 sq miles of area consisting of water and the remaining 35.68 forming the land of Miami. The city is at an elevation of a mere 2 miles from the sea level and has an estimated population of main city recorded to be 404,048. It is a global city and the metropolitan area is humungous. The city is the Miami-Dade County’s seat and the most populous city in the entire of the state of Florida. The metropolitan area has a total population of 5.59 million and ranks on number four amongst the largest urban settlements of the United States of America.

The city is the hub of the states stock markets and other economic ventures as well as the center of media and entertainment. The tourism and trade industry of Miami is one of the most successful in the whole of the United States of America and speaks volumes of its accomplishments. The major headquarters of all prime banks are housed in Miami and thus the economic importance of the city can not be negated. The art in terms of talent as well from a business perspective has been provided with immense opportunities of growth in the city and is another successful venture that owes credit to the city and people of Miami. Fashion houses are also located in the city as well as the port of Miami is flooded with commercial and luxury cruises.

The city earns through many mean and is a huge contributor the overall state revenue of Florida.