Georgia is one of the colonial states of the United States of America and has the honor of being amongst the 13 states that stood up and fought against the Queen’s flag being raised over their country. It is a state in the southeast and this was the last state that surrendered to Colonialism in the times of expansion of the British Empire.

The state was amongst the first four to take part in the assortment of the constitution of the United States of America in the year 1788 on the 2nd of January. It also holds the honor of being part of the first states that formed the union and were called Confederate states. These were seven in number and the rest of the states followed them. The state of Georgia has thus had a substantial role to play in the shaping up of American history and politics and is an eminent contributor of both. This state is the symbol of American defending their liberty and rights and is an exemplary state till date. In terms of population Georgia ranks on number nine amongst the most populous states of the United States of America with a total number of residents being calculated as 9,544,750. The state of Georgia is also amongst the rapidly developing states in terms of both human number and finances. The growth rate in terms of population is 2.2% and the total counties of the state are counted as eighteen. It has also been called as the Peach state with Atlanta as the most densely populated city.

To the south of the state of Georgia lies the famous beach state of Florida and in the direction of East from the state lies the Atlantic Ocean. Alabama lies to the west of Georgia and the north of the state of Georgia is marked by the Blue Ridge Mountains.