Atlanta is the largest and most populous as well as the capital city of the state of Georgia. The total area occupied by the city of Atlanta is approximately 132.4 sq miles and the estimated number of residents of the city are 498,102.The city is the economic and entertainment capital and center of the state and is famous for

The city is the most widely visited of all the cities in the state of Georgia and is known amongst tourists for the many attractions that it has to offer. Atlanta is also the financial hub of Georgia’s activities and thus forms the spine of the revenue generated by the state of Georgia. Atlanta offers a unique blend of diversity that is extremely fun to enjoy and promises marvelous vacations. The city is also ranked on number nine amongst the most populous metropolitan areas of the United States of America. The natives of the area are known as Atlantans and are famous for their zest and festivity. Major part of Atlanta city is included in the Fulton County however some parts of the city also extend into County of DeKalb.

Atlanta has been transformed in the present years from a small geographically restrained economy to those that is now interfering in global markets. The city influences international trade and commerce and has displayed a growth rate of 20.5% in between 2000 and 2006. the city is not merely and example of economic growth and stability but also of conservation of natural resources and environment and it was acknowledged by the Environmental Protection Agency for its ecology friendly strategy. The downtown of the state of Atlanta is the seat of many prime banks as well as cellular companies. Also located in the city is the world famous The World of Coca-Cola museum which is situated near Georgia Aquarium. Thus Atlanta is a progressive city and an important asset of the United States of America.