Hawaii is an aggregation of many small and large islands that are the most hit spot in the summers by the US citizens and foreigners alike. The culture of Hawaii dates back to thousands of years and is a pleasure to indulge in.

The State of Hawaii is situated in the Pacific Ocean on an archipelago and neighbors the continental United States towards south west and Japan in the direction of south east. it also has Australia towards its north east.

The islands of Hawaii became a part of the United States of America in the middle of the twentieth century in the year 1959 hence completing the union to a total of fifty states. The total population of Hawaii as counted in 2007 is approximately 1,211,537.

The geography of Hawaii is mostly a series of volcanic islands that are spreads over an area of 1500 miles or 2400 kilometers. The food of the region is coconut muffin and the living symbols representing the islands of Hawaii are Living Symbols Bird Hawaiian Goose, Flower Hawaiian hibiscus, Fish Humu­humu­nuku­nuku­āpuaa, Mammal Humpback whale, Tree Kukui nut tree and Reptile Gold dust day gecko. The south eastern terrain is marked by eight islands which are called Niihau, Oahu, Lānai, Molokai, Kahoolawe, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii. The Honolulu Harbor was selected by the King Kamehameha III in olden days as the capital of his domain. The island of Honolulu has been the center of attention since olden days and an important strategic arena for many kings and kingdoms because of the port and the harbor. The island till date is full of festivity and celebration and is a magnet for attracting tourists because of its legacy and culture.

The island comprises of a city and many counties and is an amalgam of natural beauty and culture.