The State of Idaho is situated in the north western part of the United States of America. The capital city as well as the largest city in the area is called Boise. The natives of the region are called Idahoans. Idaho was a delayed admission to the Union and became a part of it in the year 1890 on the 3rd of July. It was the 43rd state to be included in the union. The state is rich of natural resources and from this originates the name called the GEM. The total population of the state is calculated to be 1,493,262. The motto of the state is called Let it be forever.

The living symbols that represent the state of Idaho are Amphibian Eastern Tiger Salamander, Butterfly Monarch Butterfly, Bird Mountain Bluebird, Flower Mock Orange, Fish Cutthroat trout, Mammal Appaloosa horse, Insect Monarch Butterfly and Tree Western White Pine.

The region of Idaho has been inhabited since thousands of years back. The exact date according to historians is approximately of 14,500 years ago. Excavations at Wilson Butte Cave which is situated in close approximation to the Twin Falls in the year 1959 were suggestive of evidence of human beings and included a number of artifacts including arrowheads. The most eminent tribes that inhabited the area are called Nez Perce. The name of the state is said to have been derived from Idahox though this theory is not widely accepted. The United State’s congress has ardently debated upon the name of the state and its origin and the name Idaho was suggested by George M. Willing. The name comes from the Shoshone language and means the gem of the mountains in English. It was also called as Colorado territory for a brief period until the emergence of the Idaho county which then formed the present day state of Idaho.