Boise is one of the cities of the state of Idaho which is located in the United States of America. The city has the status of being both the city with the highest population in the state as well as being the capital of the state. Boise is also the major city of the Boise metropolitan area and forms the county seat of the Ada County. It is the main hub of economy, transportation, government, and culture, and it has obtained this status by being the largest city which is situated in the middle of Utah and Portland, which are cities in the states of Utah and Oregon respectively.

According to figures collected in the year 2008, Boise was home to 211473 people. The metropolitan area on the other hand had a population of 635450. This made it the metropolitan are of Idaho with the most population.

The climate of the city is classified as being semi arid, and consists of four different seasons with particular characteristics. The weather in the summer season is dry and hot, and the highest temperatures often go up to three digits (in Fahrenheit). The weather in the winter season on the other hand is cold and there is considerable amount of snowfall as well. The level of rainfall is low and it does not rain very often. The climate in the seasons of fall and spring is classified as being a temperate climate.

It is in the south western part of Idaho where Boise is situated. The city is positioned at a distance of forty one miles due east of the border it shares with Oregon, and at a distance of one hundred and ten miles due north of the border it shares with Nevada. The landscape of most of the metropolitan area is dotted with plains. There are mountains in the north east and are known as the Boise foothills.