The State of Illinois is located on number five amongst the union states of the United States of America in terms of population. The total number of inhabitants of the region is 12,831,970 and it was the twenty first state to be admitted into the Union. The area of Illinois exhibits diversity as well as increased population density. The most famous city of the states is Chicago which is located in the northeastern part of the state. The total area of the state amounts to 57,918 sq miles and its western and central locations have a rich soil. The state is blessed with natural resources as well as one of the biggest contributors of the agricultural output of the United States of America. The economy of the state is based on production of several products including petroleum which is predominantly produced in the southern part of the state. There is also massive production of coal and timber which also contributes to the revenue of the state. The state is also a significant midway between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes through the port of Chicago via the Illinois River. The state is regarded as the most average state based on several factors that span across demography and economics. The city in the year 1400 AD was inhabited by 40,000 people and was called the Mississippian city of Cahokia with the largest number of people in that geographic location. The state long remained the largest of all the state of United States of America until New York came into being.

During the times of the American Revolution the state was inhabited by a small amount of French people. The first natives that dwelled on the land were original residents of the state of Kentucky and the state was formed in the year 1818. The land attracted more settlers because of the rich agricultural productivity.