Chicago with a total population reaching approximately 3 million is the most populated city in state of Illinois as well as in the Midwest. With the exception of the O’Hare International Airport which is part of the DuPage County, the entire city of Chicago is included in the Cook County. The city ranks on number three amongst the most populous states of the United States of America. The Chicagoland also called as the Chicago metropolitan area is one of the largest in the entire of United States of America and ranks on number three on the list. The total population of this area exceeds 9.7 million. The city lies close to the Michigan Lake and ranks on number twenty five amongst the largest urban dwellings of the globe. The city has displayed dramatic effects on the global economy as well as culture and thus is included in the list of alpha world cities. The port of Chicago established its importance long time ago and it has been the biggest asset of the city till date. The city has also influenced academics especially the field of physics as the first nuclear reactor of the world was constructed here by the name of Chicago Pile-I. the city also boasts some of the best academic institutions of the globe and has laid its mark on science, art as well as architecture. The city is the present day abode of many famous sports clubs and leagues including the White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and Cubs. There are also many financial giants located in the city of Chicago in the area of LaSalle Street. The art institute of the city is one of the finest in the world and has produced many renowned artists and sculpture designers. All in all the city is blooming in all walks of life and is considered one of the most developed area of the United States of America