The State of Indiana is ranked on number fifteen amongst the United States of America in terms of population with the total number of inhabitants reaching approximately 6.3 million. The total area covered by Indiana is 36,418 sq miles or 94,321 kilometer square giving it number 38 amongst the states of the USA in terms of area. The state lies towards the west of the Appalachian Mountains and is the smallest in that area. The city is an urban dwelling with many industries localized with the small area. Once again the state is famous for many sporting events such as the Indianapolis 500 motorsports race. The city also celebrates the game of Basketball also and is called Hoosier Hysteria. The most famous teams in the area of Indiana are Colts and the NBA Indiana Pacers. The name Indiana itself has many legends associated with it one them stating it as the Land of the Indians. The locals of the land are called Hoosiers. The state of Indiana came into being in the early nineteenth century and was considered and Indian land in those times. The most famous Native American Site situated at Indiana is called Angel Mounds State Historic Site. It is one of the most impeccably preserved one in the entire of the United States of America. The site is situated near the area called Evansville. The total production of the year is US$214 billion as recorded in the year 2005. The per capita income of the state is US$31,150. The north west of Indiana produces the maximum amount of steel produced in the entire of the United States of America. The state also produces the most electrical power in the USA. The city also has many small and large industries including chemical products, pharmaceuticals, transportation equipment as well as rubber. There is also coal producing mines in the state.