Iowa is one of the states of the United States of America, and the official name of the state is the State of Iowa. It is situated in the mid western area of the country. it is the twenty ninth state to have become a part of the United States, and it joined the Union on December 28 in the year 1846. The state is named after a Native American Siouan tribe called the Ioway. The people of this tribe used to live in this state previously. The state of Iowa is known as the Tall Corn State as well as the Hawkeye State, the latter being an official name, whereas the former is an unofficial name.

The Mississippi River forms the eastern boundary of the state, and it also forms a separator between Iowa, and Wisconsin and Illinois. The border with Nebraska is formed by the Missouri River, which is located on the western edge of the state of Iowa. In the north western corner of Iowa, there is a border with South Dakota. Minnesota is situated on the north, and Missouri forms a border on the south. There are numerous natural lakes present in Iowa. The most famous of them are East Okoboji Lake, Spirit Lake, and West Okoboji Lake. These are located in the north western part of Iowa. Besides that there are a number of man made lakes as well, such as Lake Red Rock, Rathbun Lake, Coralville Lake, Lake Odessa, Lake McBride, and Saylorville Lake.

The climate of Iowa is classified as being a humid continental climate. Both the cold and the seat tend to go in the extremes. The weather in the winter season is cold and brisk and it also snows occasionally. The weather in the spring season is very severe. There are thunderstorms for fifty days every year at an average.