Topeka is one of the cities of the state of Kansas which is situated in the United States of America. The city is the capital of Kansas. Topeka has the status of being the city with the most population among all the cities of the Shawnee County, as well as being the county seat of Shawnee County. The city of Topeka is located in the central part of the United States of America, in the north eastern portion of Kansas, and in the central region of Shawnee County. The Kansas River runs along the city. According to figures collected in the year 2000 and 2006, the population of the city was 122377 and 122113 respectively. The Topeka Metropolitan Statistical Area was home to 226268 people according to figures collected in the year 2003. This area consists of Osage, Jackson, Wabaunsee, and Jefferson counties. Of all the ships which are a part of the United States Navy, there are three which have been given the name USS Topeka. This name is in honor of the city.

The name of the city, Topeka comes from a name from a Kansas tribe. This name meant a good place to grow potatoes. The potatoes mentioned here refer to the prairie potato. This potato, which is a perennial herb, was a major food for a number of Native Americans. Topeka was found by Eastern anti slavery men as a Free State in the year 1854. This happened as soon as the Kansas Nebraska Bill was passed. In the year 1857, Kansas became a city.

The climate of Topeka is classified as being a humid continental climate. The weather in the summer is hot and to some extent humid. And in the winters, the weather ranges between cool to cold and is quite dry. The amount of precipitation which is received by the city annually is around thirty six inches.