The city of Wichita is one of the cities of the state of Kansas which is a part of the United States of America. The city has the status of being the largest city of Kansas as well as being a cultural center and the major hub of aircraft manufacturing. This industry has given the city the title the Air Capital of the World. Out of the numerous industries in the city, there are six which are major aircraft manufacturing companies. The McConnell Air Force Base is also present in the city. The city of Wichita is positioned on the Kansas River and is located in the south central part of the state of Kansas. Along with being the county seat of the Sedgwick County, the National Weather Service Forecast Office is also housed in the city. This provides services to the couth east, south central and central parts of Kansas.

According to figures collected in the years 2000 and 2006, the population of the city of Wichita was 344284 and 357698 respectively. These statistics make the city rank fiftieth among all the cities of the United States of America with respect to size. According to figures collected in the year 2007, the population of the Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area is 596452. This area consists of Sumner, Sedgwick, Harvey, and Butler counties and has a total of 245159 households. The area covered by the city is one hundred and thirty nine square miles.

The climate of Wichita is classified as being a humid continental climate. The weather in the winter season ranges between cool to cold and is dry. In the summer season the weather is hot and humid. The level of precipitation received by the city is around thirty inches annually. The region also suffers severe weather at times, and there are even violent thunderstorms at times.