Kentucky is one of the states of the United States of America and is situated in the east central part of the country. The official name of the state of Kentucky is the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With respect to its geographic and cultural aspects, the state is considered to be a part of the Midwest, but mostly it is considered to be a part of the Southern States, the Upland South in particular. There are only four states in the United States of America which are known officially as a commonwealth, and Kentucky is one of them. The state was initially a part of Virginia. This changed in the year 1792 when it joined the Union and became the fifteenth state to do so. With respect to land area, Kentucky ranks thirty seventh among all the states of the country, and with respect to the level of population it ranks twenty sixth.

A nickname given to the state of Kentucky is the Bluegrass State. This name comes from the bluegrass which is present in most of the pastures as well as the lawns dotted all over the state. The topography is very diverse in Kentucky, with sufficient resources as well as different environments. The longest cave system of the world is located in Kentucky, as well as two man made lakes which are the largest among all the lakes situated due east of the Mississippi River. Other aspects which make Kentucky very famous are the automobile manufacturing industries, thoroughbred horses, bluegrass music, college basketball, bourbon distilleries, horse racing, and tobacco.

The climate of Kentucky is classified as being a humid subtropical climate. This is due to its location; the interior south eastern part of North America. The average level of precipitation which the state receives annually is forty six inches. There are four seasons which are experienced by the state of Kentucky. And every year there are major differences in the extremity of the winters and the summers.