Louisville is one of the cities of the state of Kentucky which is located in the United States of America. it has the status of being the largest city of the state, and is ranked twenty seventh with respect to size among all the cities of the United States of America. Louisville was initially a settlement which was found by George Rogers Clark in the year 1778. It later turned into the City of Louisville. The city was named after a king of France, King Louis XVI. The Kentucky Derby, which is the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing’s starting race, is one reason why Louisville is so famous. This race is watched by a large number of people and is known as the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.

The climate of Louisville is classified as being a humid subtropical climate. The weather in the summer season is usually humid and hot, and the evenings are mildly warm. The average snowfall received by the city annually is forty one centimeters, and the average rainfall received annually is around forty four inches. Rainfall is consistent throughout the year, but the seasons which are the wettest are the summer and spring seasons. Winter sports can be played in the months of January and February when snow falls for a number of days. Louisville tends to suffer from severe weather at times as well. These non tropical extremes include ice storms, tornadoes, extreme cold and heat, and severe thunderstorms.

The initial sectors of the economy of Louisville were the industries of cargo and shipping. Since Louisville is situated at the Falls of Ohio, and in the central part of the United States of America, this is perfect as a location to transfer cargo which is on its way to other locations. The city has now become an important hub for the industries of medical sciences and health care.