Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is one of the cities of the state of Louisiana which is a state of the United States of America. It is called Baton-Rouge in French. The city of Baton Rouge has the status of being the capital of the state of Louisiana. Because of this it is called the Capital Area, as are other cities in the United States which are capitals. Baton Rouge is situated in the East Baton Rouge Parish which is home to four hundred and twelve thousand people. The Greater Baton Rouge on the other hand is home to around seven hundred and seventy thousand people.

The city is positioned along the Mississippi River and in the south east part of Louisiana. The reason why this particular location has been so important to the city at present as well as historically, is that it is on the Istrouma Bluff. This is a bluff on the upper portion of the Mississippi delta and protects people of the city from natural disasters and floods. Besides acting as a natural protector of the city, the bluff also acts as a starting point for a levee system which extends southwards. This system is there to protect the agriculture areas on the south and also the riverfront.

The city is a major port, petrochemical, and industrial hub of the American South. With respect to the weight, the Port of Baton Rouge ranks ninth among all the ports of the United States of America.

The climate of Baton Rouge is classified as being a humid subtropical climate. The weather in the summer season is hot, wet and humid. The winters on the other hand have a mild, wet, and to some extent warm weather. The summer season lasts for a longer time than the winter season. There are very few instances of natural disasters in the city. The only major threat is from flooding in case of saturation of the Comite and Amite Rivers due to precipitation.