New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the cities of the state of Louisiana which is a state in the Untied States of America. The name of the city in French is La Nouvelle-Orleans. New Orleans has the status of being the largest of all the cities of Louisiana as well as being an important port city of the United States of America. The city of New Orleans is the hub of the New Orleans metropolitan area.

New Orleans is situated in the south eastern part of the state of Louisiana and is positioned on both sides of the Mississippi River. The Orleans Parish and the city have the same boundaries, that is the city and the Orleans Parish are coextensive. The city is surrounded by the St. Tammy Parish, the St. Bernard Parish, the Plaquemines Parish, and the Jefferson Parish in the north, east, south, and south and west respectively. The Lake Pontchartrain is situated due north of the city and some part of it is also present inside the city. Another lake, the Lake Borgne, is situated due east of the city.

The name of the city comes from the Regent of France, who was Philippe II, Duc d’Orleans. The city is very old, and is one of those cities which are the oldest cities of the United States of America. New Orleans is well known all over the world for its heritage which includes various different cultures, as well as its architecture, cuisine, music, and the festivals and celebrations which take place here including the Mardi Gras which is held every year. The city is considered to be the place where jazz was born, as well as the most only one of its kind city in the United States.

The climate of the city is classified as being a humid subtropical climate. The summer season is hot and humid, while the winter season is short and usually mild.