The State of Maine lies in the northern region of the United States of America and ranks on number 39 amongst all the states of the USA with a total area of 33,414 sq miles. It was formerly included in the region of the states of Massachusetts and the state of Maine came into being in the year 1820.

The state lies in the end of region of New England and has a total population of 1,274,923. The geography of the state comprises of mountains and beaches and presents a mixed landscape. The forests of the region are also exotic and beautify the state immensely. Maine is also popular amongst natives as well as tourists for the cuisine which comprises of sea food. The state of Maine was inhabited originally by the Algonquian-speaking tribes and the inhabitants date back to olden times. The advent of English colonization happened in the state of Maine in the year 1604 in the form of French people. Pophan Colony was established in the year 1607 in the region of the Plymouth Company. It took a considerable amount of time for the English settlements to hold their ground in the state of Maine as the colonies inhabited suffered in the hands of both natural and man made calamities.

The climate and hostility of the natives hindered the establishment of British colonies until the advent of the 18th century. In the war between the Americans and British Reign Maine was a primary bone of contention and the state was given independence in the year 1820 on the 15th of March. The state was the 23rd state to be included in the union as a result of the compromise that was signed in Missouri. The rapidly expanding state of Maine grew separately from the state of Massachusetts and was eventually acknowledged as a separate entity.