Augusta is the capital city of the state of Maine and also the Kennebec County’s seat with a total population of 18560. The total area included in the city is 58.3 sq miles or 150.9 kilometer square. Out of the total area occupied by the city 4.9% comprises of water and the remaining is land. The city is situated near the River of Kennebec. The city also boasts the University of Maine. The first inhabitants of the area were Popham Colonists who searched through the area for an abode. The Englishmen from the Colony of Plymouth settled in the region in the year of 1629. The early settlement was called Coussinoc or Cushnoc or Koussino which are all native Indian names translated in English as the head of tide. The trade under taken by the Colonists was fur export and although an initial success, it declined later on. The area was sold by the Colonists in the year 1661. The area of Cushnoc remained vacant for another seventy five years that came after the land was sold.

The Abenaki settlement resided in the region near Kennebec called as the Norridgewock. These settlers rose against the British rule and colonization. The settlement along with the allies savaged Fort Richmond and also another area called Brunswick. There were was a war launched on Norridgewock in the year 1724 which resulted in destruction of the region. Dummer’s War, happened and resulted in the re conquering of the area by the British settlers. Fort Western was constructed on the eastern bank of Cushnoc. The fort saw many wars including the Battle of Quebec. The soil of the city was cut out for agriculture and that has been the major source of Augusta’s income.

The construction of the dam at Kennebec was created in the yea 1837. The city has also developed in other sectors and is prospering enormously.