Portland is the largest city of the state of Maine which is located in the region of New England. It is the eastern most state of the United States of America. The city of Portland lies in the Cumberland County and has a total population of 63,011 as of the census of 2006. Portland is Maine’s economic as well as cultural hub and is one of the major contributors of the revenue generated by the state of Maine. Portland is also socially very well developed and is part of the Portland–Biddeford Portland–South, Maine Metropolitan Area. The three counties that form the Metropolitan area are namely the York County, Cumberland County and Sagadahoc County. The port of Maine located in Portland is one of the oldest harbors in the United States of America and is situated at the beginning of the River of Fore. The district adjacent to the port forms a component of the Casco Bay. Another area called the Arts District which is adjacent and along the Street of Congress close to Cape Elizabeth is another popular place in Portland. Both these areas serve as magnets for tourists. The city is called as Michigone by the natives and dates back to the 18th century. The seal of Portland displays a phoenix emerging from ashes and there is a connection between the seal and the motto of Portland. The motto of the city is Resurgam which is Latin in origin and can be translated in English to I will rise again.

The city has recovered many times from large fires that resulted in absolute destruction of the city of Portland and thus the symbolic and verbal representation is quite appropriate in the light of Portland’s historical struggle. The total area occupied by the city of Portland is approximately 52.6 sq miles or 136.2 km². Portland is the most prosperous city in the region of Maine.