Baltimore is the grandest city in the state of Maryland which lies in the United States of America. It is an independent city and the location of Baltimore speaks volumes of its economic and geographic role as a city. The site of one of the most influential sea ports of the United States of America Baltimore enjoys its location and is the connection to the markets of the Midwestern region. The port is more popular than any other of the region and gains huge economic benefits because of this fact. The number of inhabitants that reside in the city of Baltimore are approximately 640,961. The Metropolitan Area alone house approximately 2.6 million people. In the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area (CSA) which has an estimated population of 8.1 million, Baltimore is the largest component with its Metropolitan area alone ranking on number 20 amongst all others of the United States of America. The name of the city of Baltimore is dedicated to the Lord Baltimore who was one of the founders of the Maryland Colony. His name originally comes from the Irish

The port of Baltimore is the second largest of the ports of United States of America from which significant immigrant influx occurred. The massive immigration occurred in the 19th century with development of Baltimore from a small town to one of the leading industrial economies of the United States of America. Later on the economy became dependent on service sector and the most famous medical institution that is located in Baltimore by the name of The Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital was established.

The landscape of Baltimore comprises of the modern city plus the old country side and both are referred to separately. Baltimore is a major tourist and academic attraction and one of the most suitable places of residence in the United States of America.