Massachusetts is one of the states of the United States of America and is situated in the New England region of the country which is in the north east. The state is home to more than six million people, and the majority of them are situated in the Boston metropolitan area. The state is small in size as compared to other states of the United Stares and is urban and suburban in the eastern half of it. There are six states which are a part of the New England region, and Massachusetts is one of them. It. has the status of being the most populated of all the six. Other than that it also has the status of being ranked third with respect to population density, and fourth with respect to the gross domestic product per capita, among all the six states. The official name of the state of Massachusetts is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The state was initially completely reliant on trade with Europe and agriculture. This changed during the Industrial Revolution, and Massachusetts turned into a major hub of manufacturing industries. But in the early half of the twentieth century there was economic stagnation due to factories coming to the Southern states which had lower wages. This changed after World War Two, and the economy of Massachusetts got a boost. It has now become a major player in the fields of high technology, health care, and higher education.

The climate of Massachusetts can be classified as being a humid continental climate. The weather in the summer season is warm, and the weather in the winter season is cold and snowy. The level of rainfall which is received by the state every year amounts to forty inches. And this rain is divided equally throughout the year. The state is also prone to extreme weather such as severe winter storm, as well as thunderstorms in the summer.