The town of Concord is one of the towns of the Middlesex County which is situated in the eastern part of the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. According to figures collected in the year 2000, the town was home to around seventeen thousand people. Even though Concord only covers an area of around twenty six square miles, and is a very small town, it has played a major part in the influencing the history and literature of the United States of America.

The town of Concord is positioned along the Concord River at a distance of twenty miles or thirty two kilometers due North West of Boston. The town was incorporated and found in the year 1635, and was initially known as Musketaquid.

Out of the total area of around twenty six square miles, twenty five square miles is covered by land, and the remaining area is covered by water. These figures are provided by the United States Census Bureau. The cities which are located closest to the town of Concord are Boston, Lowell, and Nashua. The Massachusetts state routes 111, 2A, 126, 2, 62, and 119 all pass through here. Concord is surrounded by the towns of Acton, Carlisle, Lincoln, Wayland, Sudbury, Bedford, and Maynard.

According to the census which was carried out in the year 2000, it was found out that there were four thousand four hundred and thirty seven families, five thousand nine hundred and forty eight households, and sixteen thousand nine hundred and ninety three people which were living in the town of Concord. The population density was calculated and found to be six hundred and eighty two people living on every square mile. The different races which were living in the town were Whites, African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native American, Hispanic, and Latino. The majority of the people were White, followed by African Americans.