The city of Detroit is one of the cities of the state of Michigan which is situated in the United States of America. It has the status of being the largest city of the state as well as being the seat of Wayne County. Detroit means “strait” in French. Detroit lies on the Detroit River and is an important port city. It is located due north of the city of Windsor of Ontario, and is a part of the Midwest region of the Untied States of America. There is only one major United States city which is positioned due south of Canada, and that is Detroit. The city was founded by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, who was a Frenchman, in the year 1701.

One of the reasons why the city of Detroit is so well known all over the world is because of its traditional automotive industry. The city is a major automotive hub. Because of this, and because Detroit was a major source of popular music, the city was given the nicknames Motown and Motor City. There were other nicknames as well and these appeared in the twentieth century. Some of them were Rock City, The D, Arsenal of Democracy, Hockeytown, and the 3-1-3.

According to figures collected in the year 2006, Detroit has a population of 918849 people. This made the city rank eleventh with respect to the level of population among all the cities of the United States of America. When the level of population of the city was at its highest, it ranked fourth among all the cities of the country. The decline in population has started from the year 1960 as a result of deindustrialization, suburbanization, and some other related issues.

The climate of Detroit as well as the whole of south eastern Michigan can be classified as being a continental climate. This climate is influenced to a major extent by the Great Lakes. The summers are warm, and the winters are cold with some snow.