Minneapolis is located in the state of Minnesota and is the largest city of the region. The total area occupied by the city of Minneapolis is approximately 58.4 sq mi or 151.3 km². The city is part of the Hennepin County and is also the seat of the county. The beauty of the city of Minneapolis is magnified by its location as it was inhabited on both sides of the Mississippi River. The city is located northwards from the junction of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River. The river then flows towards the capital city of the state of Minnesota, called Saint Paul. The two cities are popular as Minneapolis-St. Paul twin cities and their combined Metropolitan area ranks on number sixteen amongst all Metropolitan areas of the United States of America with a total population of 3.2 million. The total population of the city of Minneapolis according to the calculations of the year 2006 is approximately 369,051. The total number of lakes in the city is 20 and there are also many wetlands thus making Minneapolis abundant in the resource of water. The waterfalls, riverfront of Mississippi and creeks are all spread along the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway. The trade of the city has shifter from flour and timber to industrialization and stocks over the past 50 decades and Minneapolis is currently the largest economic capital in the region as well as surrounding areas of Washington, Seattle, Illinois and Chicago. The city has also the highest literacy rate as compared to the whole of United States of America.

The cultural heritage of Minneapolis is a major magnet for pulling tourists and artists from all over the globe. The city is full of diverse people and is a major developmental arena of all art forms including music, performing and visual arts as well as creative writing. The theosophical society of Minneapolis is extremely active and thus it is the abode of artists and writers from all over the world.