Jackson is the capital city of the state of Mississippi in the United States of America. Along with Raymond it forms the seat of the Hinds County and is spread on a total area of 106.8 sq miles or 276.7 km². The total population of the city of Jackson is 184,256 and the metropolitan area has 529,456 residents. The city of Jackson has become popular of several reasons. The city was the first to hold the record of a successful cadaveric lung transplant. This was done at the Mississippi Medical Center in the summers of the year 1963.

The survival rate of this patient who previously suffered from a lung cancer was 18 years and thus it was considered a huge success in the medical field. The doctor who performed the transplant was Dr. James Hardy. The city of Jackson is also the abode of one of the leading record companies of the United States of America called Malaco Records. Many famous songs and albums have been recorded in the recording studio of Malaco Records including Paul Simon’s Learn How to fall. During the year 1970 when protest against the Vietnam war was on the rise two students of the then Jackson State College were shot dead by the local police and from here rose the trend of many innocent student lives lost at the hands of the state. President’s Nixon’s regime was upset dramatically by these killings. There were many developmental measures taken for the development of the city of Jackson including the idea of formation of a convention center in the year 1997 by Harvey Johnson with the intentions of attracting better business prospects. The center was just the start of many more plans that were later undertaken and implemented in the downtown area of Jackson.

Jackson has come a long way since its acceptance in the union and is now one of the most developed capital cities of the United States of America.