Missouri is situated in the central west of the United States of America and is bordered by the states of Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Illinois, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. The total area occupied by the state of Missouri is approximately 69,704 sq miles which makes it rank on number twenty one in terms of area amongst all the states of the United States of America. The total population of the state is approximately 5,878,415 with a density of 84.82/sq miles. The state is amongst the top 18 states of the United States of America in terms of population. The total number of counties that are included in the state of Missouri are 114 while it also includes an independent city within its boundaries. Jefferson is the capital city of the state of Missouri. The major urban dwellings located within the state are Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis and Springfield. The Missouri territory which was originally bought from France was included in the Union in the year 1821 and was the twenty fourth state that was given the membership. The rural and urban culture is well balanced in the state and it has played a significant role in the political arena of the United States of America. Upon admittance through the Missouri compromise it was accepted as a slave state and later on became an important and independent player of the politics and economy of the United States of America.

The culture of the state reflects both sides of the border and has a mixture of the southern as well as the Midwestern culture. The landscape of Missouri is also extremely diverse and includes mountains, plains, rivers as well as other areas. The city of St. Louis is known as the western most city located in the eastern part of the state thus reflecting the middle position of the state of Missouri.